Biscotti Mintz

Biscotti Mintz


Type: Feminised

BISCOTTI MINTZ™ By Barneys Farm.

Created for the real connoisseurs featuring two of the USA’s premium and most elusive strains. The lab crossed Biscotti; already a world beating 80% Indica dominant specimen with our exclusive and delicious Mintz Phenotype.

BISCOTTI MINTZ™ is predominantly a deep purple plant with crystals production off the scale, during the final day’s leaves display a beautiful array of purples, oranges and greens wrapping the tightly formed bolder shaped dark green flowers with bold purple highlights and long orange hairs

Biscotti Mintz seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation.

seeds contain .3% of THC content or less


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Biscotti Mintz Barney's Farm

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