Mary’s Alpaca Poop 25 Pack

Mary’s Alpaca Poop 25 Pack

All-natural fertilizer made from the finest ingredients is perfect for your garden

This all-natural, organic fertilizer is made from the manure of Peruvian alpacas and is packed with nutrients that your plants will love. Mary’s Alpaca Poop is so rich in nutrients that it has been known to boost yields by up to 30%!

This superior hydroponic fertilizer will not only help your plants to grow and produce more fruit or flowers, but it will also make them healthier and more resistant to disease.

Feed your plants the right way

Alpaca manure is an excellent source of all the required nutrients for plants and is also great for the environment. They are the best fertilizers for indoor and outdoor plants.

Mary’s Alpaca Poop is also rich in other minerals and trace elements beneficial for plants, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. And because it’s all-natural, you can be sure that your plants get the best possible nutrition.

Why choose Mary’s Alpaca Poop over any other fertilizers?

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Easy. Water and feed your plants in one simple application

  • Organic. Safe for kids and pets

  • Clean. 100% free of parasites, weed seeds and harmful pathogens

  • Odorless. Clean, no mess, no smell. Won't attract insects or pests

  • Foolproof. No risk of overdosing your plants

  • Preventative. Increases disease resistance

  • Balanced. The perfect ratio of macro and micro nutrients (roughly 2:3:2 NPK), teeming with beneficial microorganisms

  • Plus. Specially composted alpaca manure + mycorrhizal fungi and yucca blended to create Poop+

3 reasons why Mary’s alpaca poop is better than regular compost or manure

1) It doesn’t smell like other types of compost and manure do.

2) It breaks down faster than most other types of compost and manure do.

3) The nitrogen content in Mary’s alpaca poop makes it ideal for growing every plant.

Mary’s Alpaca poop for the garden is 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is processed in a way that makes it safe to use as a fertilizer. When you apply this organic fertilizer to your garden, you’re helping it to develop healthy roots and strong stems.


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Mary’s Alpaca Poop 25 Pack Mary's Alpaca Poop

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