Panama x Malawi (LIMITED)

Panama x Malawi (LIMITED)

Panama x Malawi (F) [LIMITED]


Panama x Malawi is a straight hybrid among the best, most refined, stable and highly worked parental plants from these 2 incredible sativa strains. It is a direct cross between the Panama Goddess (10th generation), which we consider without any doubt as the best and most complete Panama parental plant we have, combined with the New Malawi Killer, which also adds the best highly worked qualities of our Malawi, creating a 100 % sativa F1 hybrid that combines excellent sativa genetics from Central Africa and America.

In this F1, the Panama Goddess mother clearly dominates with its desirable structure and character, with its vigor, adaptability, versatility, great yield, and with its unbeatable central american sativa personality, where the New Malawi Killer adds even higher resin production and complexity to the effect.

While the sister Malawi x Panama line offers the most powerful and devastating combination between these 2 varieties,
Panama x Malawi produces a more productive, vigorous hybrid with more refined terpenes than its half sister.
The effect (although not as powerful as Malawi x Panama) is also more friendly, focused and functional.

Since 2013 we have been testing different F1s hybrids and different genetic combinations among elite parents between Malawi and Panama, in order to find hybrids that combine and improve the excellent qualities that these excellent sativas already have, increasing in these new F1s hybrids even more the vigor, ease of cultivation, potency, resin production, complexity of effects and terpenes, versatility and better acceptance of nutrients.

Feminized Photoperiod

Additional information

Pack Size 5 pack
Genetics Panama Goddess (F10) x New Malawi Killer (P3)
Cannabis Type Feminized Photoperiod, Sativa Feminized, Sativa Photoperiod
Indica / Sativa Percentage 0% Indica / 100% Sativa
Flowering Time 77 – 84 days, Outdoor: Late October
Terpene Profile Oily, Resinous, Incense, Citrus, Spicy, Woody

seeds contain .3% of THC content or less


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Panama x Malawi (LIMITED) Ace Seeds

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