Spider Farmer® 6-Inch 402 CFM Inline Fan Kits

Spider Farmer® 6-Inch 402 CFM Inline Fan Kits

Spider Farmer® 6-Inch 402 CFM Inline Fan Kits with Speed Controller, Carbon Filter & Ducting Combo

The Spider Farmer Inline fan & carbon filters effectively remove unwanted odors, ideal for use in grow tents or enclosed grow areas. The Carbon Filters purify and filter out molds, spores, dust, pollen, odors, and other harmful particles.

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Powerful Inline Fan】Mixed flow design combined with an EC motor ensures truly energy efficiency, with only 62 watts of power but gives a strong airflow up to 402 CFM, very low noise level, only produces 32DB, this 6” duct fan is silent. Lightweight and balanced ABS blades reduce the airflow resistance, add airflow by 40%. The speed controller comes with a long wire length of up to 8.2 ft which can place it out of the tent for easier control.

Temperature Regulation By extracting hot air generated by grow lights and other equipment, inline fans prevent the indoor environment from becoming too hot. This helps to maintain optimal temperatures for plant growth, preventing heat stress which can damage or slow down plant development.

Humidity Control Proper airflow facilitated by inline fans aids in regulating humidity levels. Excess humidity can lead to issues such as mold, mildew, and pests, which can harm plants. Inline fans help to mitigate these risks by promoting air exchange and reducing moisture buildup.

Odor ControlIn setups where plants emit strong odors, inline fans equipped with carbon filters can effectively remove unwanted smells. This is particularly important for maintaining discretion and preventing odors from escaping into surrounding areas.

Pest PreventionAdequate airflow can deter pests by creating an environment less conducive to their survival. Additionally, inline fans can be used in conjunction with other pest control measures to maintain a healthy growing environment.


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Spider Farmer® 6-Inch 402 CFM Inline Fan Kits Ventilation

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