Spider Farmer® 6-inch Clip On Fan

Spider Farmer® 6-inch Clip On Fan

Spider Farmer® 6-inch Clip On Fan for Grow Tents

Why Choose Our Clip-on Fan?

  • Strengthened Stems: Our Clip-on Fan mimics natural breezes, strengthening plant stems.
  • Enhanced Protection: Protects against mold, bud rot, and mildew for healthier growth.
  • Pest Resistance: Shields plants from fungus gnats and spider mites.
  • Improved Growth Conditions: Controls heat and humidity for faster growth and better harvests.

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Expert Tips:

  • Optimal Airflow: Achieve the desired airflow by positioning the Clip-on Fan to circulate air both above and beneath the plants’ main canopy. This promotes a pleasant breeze throughout the growing area.
  • Moderate Wind Intensity: Avoid direct exposure of plants to a strong fan, as excessive wind can harm leaves and stems. Instead, consider pointing the fans towards the walls, allowing for gentle diffusion of the breeze.
  • Ensuring Adequate Coverage: After placing the fans, carefully survey the entire grow area to verify that every part receives a gentle breeze. Adjust the fan positions as needed to eliminate stagnant air and ensure consistent airflow.


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Spider Farmer® 6-inch Clip On Fan Ventilation

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