Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Controller

Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Controller

Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Controller

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  • One channel dimming, eight sets of timing, touch screen control, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data. This controller will allow you to precisely control the environment in your grow room, achieve higher output.
  • Independent interface for temperature and humidity. Ensure the accuracy of temperature and humidity measurement.
  • Connect and control a large number of LED grow lights, one controller can control 50 lights, suitable for commercial planting, batch control, easy and convenient operation.


Do not press the screen with force or touch sharp objects.

Set the brightness range between 10-100.

Do not heat at a high temperature.

This Product is not edible

Do not soak this product in water

Keep away from children.

The product cannot be hit or dropped.

This Product is a precision electronic product, and isolation protection must be used during transportation.


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