Shipping & Delivery Policy



We ask that you give at least 14 business days for your package to arrive to you before reaching out for a replacement.

If we do send you a replacement package, we expect that you will ship back the original package if and when it arrives. We will send you a prepaid label to do so. Please keep in mind that breeder promotions or TWISTED COLLECTABLES LLC promotional items may not be available for reshipped orders.

If the USPS tracking website indicates that the package was delivered, we have to assume it was. We will not replace packages that say they were delivered unless USPS confirms. If this happens to you, USPS can and will help. Before contacting us, please contact your local USPS office and they will geolocate the package and provide you with documentation stating that the package was misplaced, lost, delivered to the wrong address, etc. This paperwork is a requirement to obtain replacement seeds on a package that says Delivered in the USPS tracking system.

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